Ninja Pirate Dogcast 026 – Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra

Ninja Pirate Dogcast 026 – Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra!

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    Ninja Pirate Dogcast 025 – Berserk

    Ninja Pirate Dogcast 025 – Berserk is out! That is right people, We Are back!

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    Phineas and Agent P Are Finally Coming!

    It looks like the Disney Infinity Phineas and Agent P figures are finally coming out this month!

    Phineas looks super creepy as a 3D physical model, but Agent P looks amazing!

    Checkout the video after the jump for a hilarious interview involving the new figures. Best part is when the interviewer accidentally calls the Infinity Base a “Infinity Portal.” The Disney REP is quick to correct him. We do not want to have the Activision Skylanders people suing, right?
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    Japanimation is an Offical Word For Anime

    It is official now. While watching the first episode of the fairly new anime OutBreak Company, the Japanese official uses the word “Japanimation” to describe Japanese anime.

    Otaku of the world can no longer complain that Japanimation is a not a proper term to use. To deny “Japanimation” as a word now after it was used within an anime that was describing anime would cause the very fabric of all of time and space to collapse upon itself and result in all of the universes in existence to cease to exist.

    And that is all I have to say about that!

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    Mr. Peabody & Sherman Movie Trailer

    This has Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie has the potential of actually being good. Check out the trailer yourself.
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    The Simpsons Mrs. Edna Krabappel Voice Actor Died

    This is truly a sad, sad day this is. Not since Phil Hartman’s death has the Simpsons felt such a huge blow. Actress Marcia Wallace died at the age of 70.

    And sadly in a understandably respectful fashion, Fox will be retiring the character. I guess Bart will finally be graduating to a new grade. Or most likely in an easier move, the class will get a new teacher. Maybe Ned Flanders will cover her teaching duties for the remainder of the seasons. Ned as Bart’s teacher could lead to hilarious hijinks.
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    One Piece Song “Overtaken” Finally Found!

    Unbeknownst to the Unofficial One Piece Podcast I have been trying to find a background song to a One Piece
    song that is used a lot in the dramatic moments, usually with main villain encounters. The problem with searching for a background song is that there aren’t any spoken words that can be used to search for. However, thanks to a recent Dance Carnival section of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast I finally was able to find the name! Thanks podcast. The song is called “Overtaken.”
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    Ninja Pirate Dog, Now With Twitter Support!

    I used to have much disdain for twitter. There is more negative uses of twitter versus positive uses. Regardless, I still had my own personal twitter I used and realized that it would be smarter to migrate/create an official Ninja Pirate Dog twitter. So there you have it!

    Twitter page: NinjaPirateDog1

    This will allow us a greater, easier and more efficient way to communicate. Sadly though, someone already took the name NinjaPirateDog and I had to settle with NinjaPirateDog1, emphasis on adding the number “1″ after the name.

    It appears someone took our name 4 years ago even though is over 5 years old. D: I will try my best to get that twitter name in our possession.

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    Okami HD is $6.99 for PS3

    Its been a year since Okami HD came out for PlayStation 3. I had hoped that Okami HD would become free through the PlayStation Plus membership, but the game just got a massive sale price cut, so I can’t complain. $6.99 for a beautiful enhanced port of the PS2 original is a great deal!

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    Hello Thar!

    To my wonderful re-visitors: I am sorry for the sparse updates in the past month. Not only did I recently move but I was able to acquire a private studio space in the process which results in lots of time-consuming preparations and setups. Even the podcast is getting revamped (as well as catching up). And there is some extra design learning going on as well in the background. The dust is finally settling so output should begin shortly. I just now need to clean up this dust.

    To my first time visitors: Hi! How are you doing? Is that coffee you are drinking? Can I have some? If not, I understand.

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