Big changes are about to occur in the animated episodes of One Piece. I do not want post any spoilers but those who have been reading the manga experienced these changes this exact time last year. It is amazing to think how far the series has gone (516 episodes) and it gives me goosebumps to imagine that the show just finished in its own way. However I am more excited to see what is coming this October 1, 2011. Over 300 of the episodes can be seen free and in high quality on Hulu.com, give it watch. I can not wait for this Saturday, it is going to be awesome!


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    Frankie Fuentes is animator (3D/ 2D /Motion Graphics), Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Writer with a passion for animation, cinema, video games, and all types of creative endeavors. His inquisitive nature drives him to constantly seeking out more exciting creative projects to pursue. NinjaPirateDog.com was created as an outlet for sharing his works, passion and knowledge for animation and games for all.
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