I Was Sucker Punched With Sickness

I was hit with something fierce. I refuse to acknowledge it as a cold or flu, but it did give me a running nose. Sudafed Sinus became my best friend, and will continue to be for a undetermined amount of time. While in my comatose state of delirium, I had lots of posts rattling around in my head for the dates of January 15 to present. I have to stick to my personal mantra of “A post a day, keeps me from feeling lazy!” So be sure to scroll down to check out all the previous entries that were missing. And if this is your first time visiting since prior to January 15, ignore everything I just said and I hope you enjoy the site.

Here is an illustration I made of me for you based on my health. Yes, I drew myself as a pill. Yes, I am wearing Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers. Yes, I made the headboard misshapen to give it that “hand made, imperfect, human mistake” feel. Yes, the lower bed posts are loafs of bread; yummy, yummy, bread.  Hmm, maybe I should try to create one of those Highlights find an item within a picture thingies.

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