Rabid Ranting – Stolen Artwork / Assets Used By Others

With the web’s ease of acquiring nearly any type of information from all over the world I am not surprised when moral lacking companies steal artwork or assets from another artist without consent.

It unfortunately happens a lot and it saddens me when I learn of examples of it happening because it always make me hesitant to want to place any of my work on the internet. And I must stress that there is a difference between being inspired by someone’s work versus stealing from someone’s work.

And just recently there has been controversy over the new DLC of Wallace for the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD: THE GAME. The new DLC which comes out this Tuesday (2/5/13) apparently has some issues with the sprite work. Wallace’s whirlwind  exit animation is strikingly identical to the whirlwind found in the Sonic Battle game for GameBoy Advance (2004).

UPDATE: A day before release the Wallace DLC for the game has been pulled. I am curious to see if Ubisoft has an comment on the matter of why it was pulled.

Image Source: robbydude.tumblr

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