Online Passes, the Removal

Do you remember just over two years ago when I commented on EA’s online pass system?  No?  Well I did.

Now though it seems EA is backing down on this.  Apparently they realized that nobody liked this plan of theirs.  So now where do I stand given that I supported the whole thing?  Well slow down a bit because I never actually supported it.  I understood where it came from, but neither supported nor hated it really.  But I do have to say that they’re being awfully reasonable about it so far.  I guess the income lost to used games is less than the income lost to people not buying the game in the first place because of the online pass.  The lesser of two evils and all that.

Makes me wonder though what will happen for games that already have online passes.  Will they revoke the system for those too?  Only time will tell…

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