The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan Kickstarter

I am huge fan and listener to the One Piece Podcast. Heck, I even wrote a review about nearly exactly a year ago from today, you can read it here.

I just found out that The One Piece Podcast has a kickstarter so that the podcast can head to Japan to film a video documentary series starting August 5th. As part of the series they will have live video events,  hope to have video interviews, video tours of Japan, and cultural insights.

I am super excited for these guys. After listening to their podcast and listening to how podcasts do not have to be lame and can actually be interesting really inspired me which resulted in my the creation of my own podcast. You know, the Ninja Pirate Dogcast!

It is an exciting development and I urge you to listen to their podcast and donate if you can. Every little bit helps and the rewards are fun.  If they reach their KickStarter goal of $7,000 (ATM they are at $4,637) everyone will win by being able to view the videos and interviews for free come September when they start to get released.

Kickstarter – The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan


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