BrentalFloss is Bock, With Some School House Rock!

No that is not a typo above, just a really terribly forced attempt at rhyming. Brentalfloss or (Brent Black to those who actually know him) is a well know internet gaming celebrity who focuses on video game musical parody. Think “Weird Al” Yankovic but instead of parodying pop culture music, Brentalfloss adds lyrics to old school songs and come up with original mash up concepts all in one way or another involving video games.

I have to give it to the man, he found a hole in the market, inserted himself in it and is sitting pretty well in money currently dominating it. When he does something new, everyone listens, or in this case watches. He teamed up with an animator to create an original song about the dangers of purchasing a video game console at launch. However, it was done in the classic animated School House Rock style with its combined mix of education and song.

Click the video to watch. That is how he gets paid (I think...)


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