New Pokemon TV Special Starts In the Begining.

And it does not involve Ash Ketchum! Coming out October 2, 2013 (in Japan) a brand new special is airing, Pocket Monsters: The Origin. This story revolves around another trainer who gets his starter Pokemon and goes on his epic quest to become a Pokemon master!

It is worth noting that the trainer in the special picks Charmander as his first Pokemon, Just like I did so many moons ago! I am really looking forward to seeing this when it comes out.

Of course this TV special is coming out just 10 days before Pokemon X/Y is released. I feel Nintendo is attempting to rekindle my nostalgia for Pokemon to entice me to purchase the new game. Well the jokes on them, they did not need to spend any money on this TV special, I was already going to but it! MWHAHWHHAW.

Hit the jump to see the trailer!

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