One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Is Coming Within 2 Weeks

I originally was going to give some snappy comment about how Namco Bandai do no understand when summer is because they originally say that One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 was coming out in the summer of 2013 but just gave a release date of September 3.

It is a good thing I held my tongue because technically even though in America the release is September 3rd, in Europe the release date is August 30. You win this time Namco Bandai! You win, this time.

So the game is now less than 2 weeks away from its release. I am excited. If you are One Piece fan, you should be excited as well. In America, the game is only getting a digital release which is a shame because Europe is getting a physical release. If you are one who likes to own tangible games in their hands, the PS3 is region-free so you can spend the extra money and import the Europe version. You will not be losing anything because the game is not dubbed in English.

Check out the trailer!

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