Salty Bet – The Free 24/7 Ridiculous Online Fighting Betting Channel

Here is a great and hilarious time waster, Salty Bet. It is an always on (24/7) online streaming fighting game channel. You can bet fictional money on which characters you think will win before each fight. You can even chat with other members who are watching.

The catch? The catch is both good and bad depending on your view. The online fights that you are watching are based on the freeware 2D fighting game M.U.G.E.N. game/engine. The game is all about creating custom characters. And this game has had over 10 years worth of characters that exist. The great part is that you never know what ridiculous character will emerge as combatants.

I once saw a Dragon Ball GT Pan versus some weird Fuedal Japanese samurai. It was hilarious! Regardless, I have had fun leaving the video on in the background and figured I’d share the info with our readers. Plus, with the recently announced PlayStation 4 Twitch support, I’ll be able to watch these fights on my living room TV with ease!

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