Someone Finally Talks About The Disney Infinity 3DS Version

Finally a video appears for the Nintendo 3DS version of Disney Infinity via Kotaku.

There verdict is not so promising. I knew something was suspicious about the Nintendo 3DS version. It does support the figures and comes with its own custom Disney Infinity base that connects via the IR port on the back of the 3DS but all the promos and advertising did not discuss the 3DS version of the game.

I knew months ago that something was up when it was announced that the 3DS version would be a collection of mini-games a

The only benefit of the 3DS version is that when its poor sales cause the price to drop rapidly, you can pick up the 3DS starter kit to collect extra Jack Sparrow, Sullivan and Mr. Incredible figures since those figures can not be bought separately. The original Kotaku article is here and below is their video.

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