SoniPro For 3DS (A.K.A. The Actual Hatsune Miku Game I Wanted) Trailer

SoniPro for 3DS! Which actually stands for Super Sonico in Production is a idol manager simulator for the 3DS.

The Hatsune Miku 3DS game took the main character Miku and transformed her into super deformed chibi character rather than leave her in her normal proportions. This confused me because I thought this happened because the 3DS was underpowered. Obviously that was not the case because SoniPro here has full normal human proportions. Curse you Hatsune Miku for 3DS! At least I have the PS3 game to look forward to.

I can not comment on the actual gameplay yet because this trailer is more about the visuals than methods of input. It looks interesting though. The game was just announced in Japan so there is no news of an American release. But hey, look at that picture of her with her wearing an American flag bikini. Maybe that is a hint of her potential U.S. release? (Yea I can be delusional like that.) I severely doubt it will come out here though. :(

Watch the trailer!

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