About Us

What is Ninja Pirate Dog? What does it mean? What kind of place have you stumbled up?

Ninja Pirate Dog .com, much like its 3 forced together words,  was created with 3 ideas forcibly slammed together.

1: I, Frankie Fuentes, wanted to an outlet for sharing my works, passion and knowledge. I also needed a place in which I could easily display my varied illustrations, animations and projects. Ninja Pirate Dog at its core, is an attempt to collect, organize and archive an artist’s overly active animated mind and imagination.  Whether it be topics of Video Games, Comics, Technology, Japan, Anime, Cartoons, Traveling abroad, or learning languages, here is my attempt to try to do everything! I hope you enjoy the ride!

2: I wanted this site to be a medium by which others to could be drawn towards to for a greater possibility of more exciting creative projects to pursue. I always look forward to potential collaboration on various works, be it illustrations, animations, videos, etc.

3: If I can can get one person to learn something meaningful from this site, then it would all be worth it. Striving to make a entertaining website for everyone to enjoy within the nerd community! To bring a smile or at least entertain you a bit by allowing you to enter my world!

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