Captain? Creator? President? Person that pays for the website hosting?

Hello, my name is Frankie Fuentes. I am a yet to be diagnosis with ADD artist, illustrator, animator, designer, 3D Modeler and extremely friendly & talkative person. I love anime, video games, music and many other awesome things. I had wanted to create a place where I could share my knowledge and opinions but also a place I could easily display my varied illustrations, animations and projects. Ninja Pirate Dog at its core, is an attempt to collect, organize and archive my overly active animated mind.  Whether is be topics of Video Games, Comics, Technology, Japan, Anime, Cartoons, Traveling abroad, or learning languages, this is my attempt to try to do everything!

I also love RPGs, One Piece, Hajime No Ippo, K-Pop, J-Pop, music rhythm games and Fruits Basket.

P.S. I enjoy talking video game speak as much as everyone else. Personally I would rather discuss things most people might have missed or bring attention to things people might have not given any attention towards to or even go so far as to delve deeper into what many may already be talking about. My passion for gaming and its history is deep as the ocean and as lethal as its undertow!

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